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Membership fee 2010 – 2011


As we know, the Membership fee is very important for all of our activities such as maintaining our website, events at the annual conference, condolence, charity and so on. After careful consideration, we apply the same fee as in previous years.

The Membership fee is 30$
The Charity fee (recommended 10$ ++)

Last year, VEFFA did not collect fee so we will collect the membership fee for 2 years 2010 and 2011. In detail, the fee for each fellow will be as follows

The Membership fee: 30 x 2 = 60$
The Charity fee: 10$ ++
Total: 70$ ++

Note: for VEF Fellows and Scholars Cohort 2010, the membership fee is 30$ for 2011 and the charity fee is 10$ ++. Thus, the total fee is 40$++.

You can send your money to Huynh Nguyen Hoai Phuong, choosing one of the following options

Bank of America
Account number: 383009114559
Title on account: Phuong Huynh
Zip code: 19104

Send your Check to:
Phuong Huynh
4039 Chestnut St., Apt 104, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Zip code: 19104

The membership fee is very important for us as we can have the needed money to better serve our community and provide better services, activities to the fellows. We will collect the fee from now and at the annual Conference also.

Thank you very much.

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