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Monthly letter from VEFFA – March 2012


Dear VEFFA’s members,

Spring break is coming and I am happy to write to you this March monthly letter.
In this letter, I would like to report our activities last month February and our plan for this month March.

A) February 2012 activities

  1. Invite two external members for Board of Advisors: we have determined one person who we want to invite. The other one will be decided later.
  2. Wrap up the survey and photo contest: Photo contest result was announced. Thank you Mai, member of Executive team, for successfully organizing the contest. The annual conference survey was closed and we are digging into the data. Thank you for 60 replies for the survey.
  3. Update fellows@veffa.org mailing list: The fellows@veffa.org mailing list has been updated to include all VEF Cohort 2011. Thank you Dũng, member of Board of Advisor, and Hưng, member of Executive team, for your hard work. announce@veffa.org and fellows@veffa.org mailing list are now fully updated. If you know any member who has not received email from the mailing lists, please tell them to contact us at it-email@veffa.org
  4. Send out to all VEFFA members financial report of the last year 2011 and collect membership fee through Paypal from members who have not paid the fee: we are sorry for late sending the financial report of the last year 2011. We are working hard to send the report to you this March. Membership fee will also be collected from members who have not paid the fee.
  5. Review the status of VEFFA projects: we have reviewed the last year projects including Labconnect, Summer Internship, VEFFA Internal Web and next necessary steps for these projects.
  6. Set up the 2012 action plan: we have set up action plan for this year. For more details, please go to (you need to login using VEFFA account) https://sites.google.com/a/veffa.org/veffa-guideline/executive-team/2012-action-plan

B) March 2012 Plan: plan for this month is to put the 2012 action plan into action. In summary, this year we have following projects:

  1. Maganize project: launch a new science and technology magazine with support from Bo KHCN.
  2. VNBookdrive: continue from the last years.
  3. Connect with VN Universities: encourage VEFFA members to give seminars about their own research at VN Universities when they visit Vietnam. By doing this, we help VN Lecturers update their knowledge, encourage them to do research, help our members set up connection with VN University. Help VN Universities to forward their recruitment info to VEFFA members.
  4. Collaborate with VEF Alumni working in Vietnam.
  5. Summer Internship: continue from the last year (note that this project will only be conducted if we have enough participant).
  6. Portal for Du hoc sinh Vietnam: collaborate with other groups such as VietPhD, VietAbroader, USguide, VietMBA…to set up a portal where Vietnamese students can look for information about scholarship, how to prepare for graduate school application…With more than 400 VEFFA members and the aforementioned groups’ members, we are going to have a huge network of people studying abroad who can help talent Vietnamese students to look for scholarships around the world.
  7. Social branding: promote VEFFA brand to people outside VEFFA.

Projects 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are looking for leaders and volunteers. If you are interested, please contact us at executives@veffa.org. We need your help to realize the ideas.

Have a nice weekend and a great spring break to all of you.

Hoan Thanh Ngo, VEFFA Executive Director
PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering,
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA
Email: ngothanhhoan@veffa.org
HP: 001-919-638-4988

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