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For Members

For Members


As a VEFFA member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Participating in the various activities and programs organized by VEFFA
  • Organize new activity that benefit you and others, and get support from the community
  • Use all the services and resources offered by VEFFA free of charge (see below)
  • Vote for and be elected to the Board of Advisers or the Board of Executives
  • Contribute to VEFFA bylaws, and shape the future of the organization in other ways.


Currently you can enjoy a few services provided by the  iT Team. VEFFA encourages members to take advantage of those services:


  • VEFFA mailgroups: we provide a few mailing lists for VEFFA mebers to communicate with each other. If a member is working on a VEFFA project, he can also request a mailgroup to be created for the project.
  • VEFFA email: you can get a @veffa.org email address. This service runs on Google App, so a VEFFA email box is no different from a Gmail box except it has our domain name instead of gmail.com. You can even access it online via a familiar Gmail interface at http://mail.veffa.org
  • VEFFA hosting service: we offer online hosting to members to host their homepage or webpage of VEFFA projects. For example, VNBookDrive webpage and homepage of several members are being hosted on VEFFA server.
  • VEFFA survey system: members can use our online survey system to design and take survey for VEFFA projects.


If you have comments / suggestions on other services that would benefit VEFFA members please contact our executive team.


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