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VEFFA CPC members

Preparing the content of a 3-days conference is not an easy task. Selecting and inviting speakers, setting up workshops, call for posters, preparing sport facility… all requires significant effort and good coordination.

Luckily, we have many volunteers from VEFFA who are not afraid to take on this challenging task. They all spent many hours, sent countless number of emails, and sometimes got into very heated discussions.

Everyone worked together as team, the VEFFA team. They did not agree on everything, but they all strove toward a common goal: set up and deliver memorable and enjoyable moments to our friends and fellows at the conference.

VEFFA would like to give special thanks to those members. Their efforts help to strengthen our community and our friendship. Without them, the conference would be a much less fun and meaningful place.

NameRole / team
Tuan Anh NguyenCPC Chair
Minh Anh NguyenCore Team, iT, camera team, VEFFA meeting
Tung NguyenCore Team, VEFFA meeting
Hai NguyenScientific Team Leader
Hung VoSports Team Leader, iT Chief, Award Committee
Hung TranWorkshop Team Leader
Thong DoAll the way home Team Leader, Career Fair, Fund raising
Ha DangScientific Team
Dung HongAward Committee Chair, Scientific Team
Xuan V. TranScientific Award Committee
Thang V. NguyenScientific Award Committee
Dung T. HoScientific Award Committee
Khoi M. ChauScientific Award Committee
Vien M. DuongScientific Award Committee
Hoang N. TrinhScientific Award Committee
Ha T. NguyenScientific Award Committee
Loc X. BuiScientific Award Committee
Hai H. DinhScientific Award Committee
Lam K. HuynhScientific Award Committee
Dat LeSports Team
Nguyen Thanh Nhat TanSports Team
Tran Quoc LongSports Team
Hanh VuScientific Team
Ma NamScientific Team
Tuyen HuynhScientific Team
Quang NguyenSocial Activity Group Leader
Kien NguyenSocial Activity Group
Thuy VuSocial Activity Group
Mai TranAll the way home, Career Fair, Fund raising
Linh NgoSocial Activity Group
Thu DuongSocial Activity Group
Thien Kim ToSocial Activity Group
Tuan NguyenSocial Activity Group
Nhi ChungSocial Activity Group
Ngoc NhamSocial Activity Group
Binh NguyenCamera Team
Hai PhamCamera Team
Phuong TranCamera Team


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