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Viettel Corporation

Established: 1989

Network: Biggest in Vietnam (2G and 3G Networks covers 99% and 80% Vietnam’s population respectively; Fiber optic cable covers 100% districts, 70% communes)

Subscriber: 42,5% market share (December 2009)


  • The 4th biggest enterprise in Vietnam in terms of revenue and the 3rd biggest in terms of profit.
  • Ranked the 7th in Top 500 of Vietnam’s biggest Company (Year 2009)
  • Ranked the 19th in the world in terms of mobile subscribers (By Wireless Intelligence as of Q3 2010)
  • Ranked 83rd in Top 100 of the World’s most powerful Telecom Brands
  • The best telecom service provider of the world in developing countries for the year 2008, 2009 (ranked by Total Telecom and Frost Sullivan).

Overseas/offshore investment

In Cambodia: # 1 in terms of network and # 2 in terms of subscriber

In Lao P.D.R: # 1 in terms of network and # 2 in terms of subscriber

In Haiti: under preparation for launching services with the target to cover 80% population.

In Mozambique: just got investment license.


  • National key player/driver in IT and Telecom.
  • Leading player in R&D and manufacturing telecom and IT equipment.
  • Top 30 biggest telecom operator in the world
  • Top 10 biggest investor in telecom offshore investment.


VNG Corporation

VNG Corporation (formerly VinaGame) is a pioneer in Vietnam’s Internet and online game industry.  Founded in 2004, VNG quickly expanded in both its business and in size; we now operate the largest social network site in Vietnam, the number one domestic portal, www.zing.vn, and 13 online games.  In 2009, VNG generated over US$50 million in revenue, representing a 60% market share in online games.  In addition, the company has established a strong technical infrastructure with two data centers, an open payment platform, a 24/7 dedicated customer service system, and a Cyber Station Management software servicing 20,000 internet cafes around the country.

At the core of VNG are our 1,300 staff who are passionate about their career prospects at the company.  At the average age of 28, our people are young, intelligent entrepreneurs who constantly strive to learn and adapt to new business and technology trends.  We believe our human capital growth is the key to VNG’s future.  Thus, at VNG, we are committed to fostering a dynamic and open work environment to attract and retain the best talent in Vietnam. We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join us in strengthening our R&D capabilities, enhancing our technology infrastructure, and reinforcing our operational effectiveness.  Two VEF fellows, Mr. Khai Vuong and Mr. Minh Nguyen, have already joined our team to head up the Web business and R&D initiative. We welcome other VEF fellows who share our values to come grow with us.


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