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Posting to VEFFA website

Below is the instruction to post to VEFFA website. I will update it with pictures when I have time, for now, please try to read through the text.

1. Register for a VEFFA account if you have not: http://www.veffa.org/main/member-resources/it-services-2/account-email/

2. Login to VEFFA website with your VEFFA account: http://www.veffa.org/main/member-resources/login/. Remember to use your full account address (name@veffa.org)

3. If this is the first time you log in, notify the iT team (it@…) and cc the Executive team (executives@…) of the section(s) that you want to post into.
CPC members will have the right to post into conference section, VNBookDrive member will have the right to post into VNBookDrive section and so on…

4. VEFFA iT will update your permission accordingly and send you a notice. Wait for it, you wont be able to post until your permissions are updated.

5. Now you can login and post into your sections. After logging in, go back to the homepage, you will see a menu on top of the page. Select Add New -> Post.

6. Type in the title and content of the post.

If you want to add images click the small icon next to “Upload/Insert” right below the page title. You can add images from your computer or an existing url.

7. Select appropriate Parent and categories on the right hand side (you can select multiple categories). The parent item will decide where your post show up on our webpage.

8. Press Publish when you are done.

9. This step is important, don’t forget to check your result to make sure everything is ok and go back to edit your post if it is not. You can edit by visiting the post, and then click “Edit Post” in the top menu.

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