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Introduction about the internship program in Vietnam

Objectives of the internship program:

  • To select VEF Fellows to work for hi-tech companies in Vietnam in 3 summer months
  • Selected Fellows are those who are pursuing master’s or doctorate degrees at top-tier universities and research centers in the U.S.


The benefits brought to participating companies in Vietnam by this internship program

  • Utilization of the intellectuality resources in science and technology from VEF Fellows to develop modern technology and solve complicated technical issues which require in-depth technical knowledge. In addition, international publications and patent applications of VEF Fellows during their internship at these companies will become the intellectual property of these companies.
  • This program will help VEF Fellows understand more about the working environment and long-term career development opportunities in these companies. This is one of the channels to attract hi-tech human resources to these companies in the future.
  • These companies’ trade mark, in terms of R&D, in international science and technology arena will be promoted through presentations of scientific reports at international conferences and patent applications of VEF Fellows during their internship. This program will bring back to these companies more opportunities for cooperation with advanced universities and research centers in the U.S. where VEF Fellows are studying and working.
  • This internship program will also help promote the image of these companies in the student and intellectual community at home and abroad, as a point of attraction to hi-tech resources from the whole country.


Benefits to VEF Fellows from the internship program

  • The internship program will help VEF Fellows gain more experience in scientific and technological issues in reality. Through that, they can apply their research results into practice, in the context of Vietnam society.
  • The program will help VEF Fellows understand more about the R&D working environment in companies and open up long-term career opportunities for those who desire to develop their R&D work in Vietnam after finishing their programs in the U.S.
  • These VEF Fellows will get remunerations and other benefits during their working time at companies.

Proposal of remunerations and benefits for selected fellows:

Remunerations and benefits are negotiable between the companies and the VEF Fellows in the selection process.  However, in order to attract the Fellows to leave behind similar internship opportunities at companies in the U.S. and return to work for your company, we would like to propose the following remunerations and benefits:

  • U.S. – Vietnam roundtrip airfare, estimated at US$1,000 .
  • Payment according to the general salary scale or policy in the companies. The minimum  monthly salary is expected to be 8 million VND.


Implementation plan

No. Activities Expected time
1 Information on projects and specific requirements for candidates’ qualifications and skills from the company March 15–30, 2011
2 Advertisement of the internship opportunities at the company free of charge to the VEF Fellows community and a list of candidates interested in these opportunities prepared by VEFFA Representatives April 1–15, 2011
3 Selection of the most suitable candidates through screening of their profiles and phone interview April 15-30, 2011

The internship program can start in the middle of May or early June, 2011, depending on the summer plan of VEF Fellows and the readiness and availability of working facilities in the company.

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