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VEF Annual Conference Photo Contest


The “VEF annual conference photo contest” was held from 01/15/2011 to 02/28/2011 as a venue for all VEFFA members to share their most memorable and impressive photos taken during VEFFA annual conferences. Announced widely on VEFFA website, Executive team blog, Facebook group, and mailing list, the contest attracted 10 photo submissions, 33 votes, and 10 comments from VEFFA members. These contributions remind memorable moments of our annual conferences and strengthen the unity among our community. Moreover, the contest is a valuable opportunity for VEFFA Executive team to learn more experience in event organizing that could help improving the upcoming community events.

The photo contest result is as follow:

  • The 1st prize which values $50 is awarded to “PhD quality – thinking about research all the time”, author Nguyen Thi Khanh Van, cohort 2008, with 8 likes
  • Two 2nd prizes which value $25 for each are awarded to
    • The 1st photo of Nguyen Minh Anh, cohort 2007 with 6 likes
    • The “Sir, he is a liar” of Vo Hoang Manh Hung, cohort 2010 with 6 likes

=> Who are authors, photographer of awarded photos, and who appears in those photos, please contact  VEFFA executive team at executive@veffa.org for the award.

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