Campaign 2015

Kickoff Campaign 2015

Dear friends,

Vietnam Book Drive team is very happy to announce the Kickoff of Campaign 2015! If you want to give a hand on a meaningful community project to improve the academic environment in Vietnam as well as broaden your network and interact with people, please join Campaign 2015 of VnBookDrive project.

Traditionally, VnBookDrive team collects textbooks from professors and friends in the universities all over the US and ship them to universities in Vietnam every year. Founded in 2007 by Vietnam Education Foundation Scholars and Fellows Association (VEFFA), VnBookDrive has shipped roughly 19,000 books to 9 universities in Vietnam. In 2015 we plan to collect books for Duy Tan University in Danang.

We invite you to join us in our Campaign 2015 as:

  • US Representative: If you reside in the US, you can help us by filling this form to become our US Representative. Our Representatives will help us collect books from donors, store donated books until our Annual Book Day (ABD), and ship them to our ABD’s location. More details can be found on our US Representative Guildline
  • Volunteer: No matter where you live, you can help us with our side-projects (TBD). Please register here.

Also, don't forget to like and follow us on our Facebook fanpage and get updated with our progress. Or, you can visit our Campaign 2014 as a quick reference. We are looking forward to seeing you in Campaign 2015. Together we can make Campaign 2015 a successful one!

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VnBookDrive Core-team.


External links: US Representative Registration, US Representative Guildline, Facebook fanpage, 2014 Campaign