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PennMoves at University of Pennsylvania

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At the beginning of March 2015, VnBookDrive was officially chosen to be a partner of PennMoves, who back then had been organizing all book donations at moving out season at University of Pennsylvania. In May 2015, the Vietnam Book Drive project held the first collaborative activity with PennMoves through a meaningful event of book collection at the University of Pennsylvania.

Missouri University Vietnamese Student Association (MUVSA)

"The objectives of this organization shall be to build and consolidate friendships between members, and to share valued information found in each members' individual activities while educating the campus about the Vietnamese culture. We are a cultural student organization on campus that comes together and plan activities to make the campus community be more aware of the Vietnamese culture, language, and traditions. Funds are donated from our members for fun cultural events where Vietnamese members and non-Vietnamese members come together and enjoy monthly parties to communicate and enhance the understanding of the Vietnamese culture."
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Source: MUVSA website
MUVSA helped us collected hundreds of books for Campaign 2014 and 2015. We hope to receive your continual support for the new campaigns to come.

Vietnamese Student Association at Texas A&M at Corpus Christi

"The Vietnamese Student Association at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (VSA TAMUCC) is established to create a friendly community, where Vietnamese and other students can share experiences, exchange culture, support Vietnamese students well-being in new learning environment, getting professional training skills and proper jobs on campus or in future, through various inside and out-site campus activities."
Source: VSA TAMUCC website
VSA TAMUCC collected about 300 books for VnBookDrive 2015 campaign.

Photo collection on our collaboration on Facebook


Vietnamese Student Association at University of North Texas

Donate your books - Make difference for Vietnamese StudentsVietnamese Student Association at University of North Texas (VSA at UNT) is founded in 2015 and this is the first time they participate in VnBookDrive Project. Their goal by May 2016 is collecting 100 books ranging from STEM, business, to children books for VnBookDrive and VnBookDrive4Kids.

Potential donors around UNT campus please contact our official partner - VSA at UNT at: to make your donation.


Lovingbooks team

LovingBooks organization was initiated by a high school student, Mr. Duc Duy Nguyen, who is studying at Elyria Catholic High School in Elyria, Ohio. He got a chance to visit his aunt in the U.S when he was 10 years old. On that occasion, he was impressed by the quality of public library system in the U.S. with so many children’s books as well as their activities to encourage reading habit. He dreamed that Vietnamese kids could have the same benefits. He desired to bring those books to his home country – Vietnam – for them. With the supports of his aunt, his parents, his younger brother and his friends, the dream came true. Loving seeds were distributed. Thousands of books were sent back home. The book recipients are HIBS school library in Ho Chi Minh City, reading corner at Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children in Ho Chi Minh City, Dream library for poor children in Dalat.

Since 2014, Duc and LovingBooks organization officially collaborated with The Vietnam Book Drive for Kids project to collect donated books in Ohio, then finally send those books to various public libraries and reading clubs in Vietnam. Official Facebook page of LovingBooks.

Please join us to cultivate loving seeds with care!

Loving Books team

Loving Books team

Lovingbooks organization gave English children's books for kids in Dalat province, Vietnam

Lovingbooks organization gave English children's books for kids in Dalat, Vietnam