Book Donors

Within nine year of running, Vietnam Book Drive has been built up a wide network of representatives in all over the states. They collect books at their local area from university libraries, individual donors, or via specific book event for Vietnam organized by Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) connecting with our projects. In addition to those book giving and collecting sources, Vietnam Book Drive for Kids received many supports from local public libraries and book bank as mentioned below. If you are willing to donate your book, please send us an email to us at and/or We will arrange a pick-up or give you instructions to send your books to our project!

The Free library of Philadelphia (Walnut Street West branch)

Thu Duong, VnBookDrive4Kids project leader, was collecting donated books from Free library of Philadelphia (Walnut Street West branch). She took picture with Ms. Anna, a friend of the library.

San Mateo Public Library

Dr. Van Vo, VnBookDrive4Kids core team member, is collecting children books from local libraries in San Mateo, California, including San Mateo Pulbic Library. She took a picture with Ms. Constance Sutton. Ms. Connie is working at the library as a Early Childhood & Family Literacy Coordinator.

The Book thing of Baltimore, Inc.

With a meaningful simple mission in putting unwanted book into the hands of those who want them. The Book thing of Baltimore, Inc. has been supplied millions books to readers including readers from Vietnam. Both Vietnam Book Drive and Vietnam Book Drive projects came to collect hundreds books from there to ship to Vietnam.
(Thu Duong took a picture with Mr. Russell Wattenberg, the founder of The Book thing of Baltimore. Inc in her visit to pick up books in 2014)

Beachwood Library and Elyria Catholic High School in Elyria, Ohio

Duc Nguyen, our passionate representative in Ohio, and his friends in Loving Books Organization, our official partner in Ohio, are collecting books at Beachwood Library and Elyria Catholic High. They are planning to organize “One spring roll for one book” event at Elyria Catholic High School soon to collect more books and financial donation for the project.

The Columbia Public Library, Missouri

Picture 1. Hai Nguyen, Nga Nguyen, Hung Nguyen, Hien Huynh, VnBookDrive4Kids volunteers, were collecting hundreds donated books at Columbia, Missouri.

Picture 2. A big THANK YOU to the hard work and generous support of Friends of the Columbia Public Library, we have received fantastic donation of hundreds used children books for VnBookDrive for Kids! The volunteers of this group are very friendly and awesome! (Photo credit: Hai Nguyen)