Vietnam Book Drive

Our Mission

In September 2007, the Vietnam Education Foundation Fellows Association (VEFFA) devised and launched the Vietnam Book Drive Project to supply libraries at Vietnamese universities with current books and periodicals written in English. Vietnam is a developing country, trying to keep up with the world in all aspects, so Science and Engineering are the top priorities. However, universities in Vietnam seriously lack good learning resources for their students, faculty, and researchers, making their up-to-date knowledge in science and engineering limited. With Vietnam Book Drive Project, we wish to further our efforts to provide Vietnamese faculty and students with better materials to provide the tools of empowerment to the next generation of researchers in Vietnam. First and foremost, the goal of this project is to collect textbooks in the disciplines of engineering and sciences for universities in Vietnam. It joins the efforts to improve higher education in Vietnam by making up the book deficiency of university students and researchers. Our main goals are:

  • To build a network of open-access libraries for sharing and disseminating knowledge to learners in Vietnam.
  • To foster the intellectual integration of Vietnamese scholars into the world standard knowledge as well as new research achievements in science and engineering.
  • To engage overseas Vietnamese and people around the world across disciplines to promote higher education in Vietnam.