1 - Where do the books come from?
All the donors are from the US. Most of our books are from professors and libraries in US Universities. We usually receive a lot of books at semester ends when students graduate. If you are new to this activity, please look around your building(s), books may be all around, especially in common areas. You could also introduce yourself and the project to building managers asking to put a donation box in common areas, too.

2 - Where do the books go?
Each year, books go to one or two different universities in Vietnam. Books from VnBookDrive will have separate shelves in the university library and are available to any students who want to access to the books (not limit to the university students).

See the list of university collaborating with us.

3 - How to receive books from VnBookDrive?
If you want to register to receive books from VnBookDrive, please fill out this form and send it to us.

4 - What types of books do you collect?
We are collecting text books on science and technology, engineering, medicine, public health, current (1 - 2 years of age) journals with the whole issues or volumes. From 2014, we also started to collect children books and books of business, culture, and linguistics.

Field Year of publication
Fundamental sciences From 1980
Applied sciences, i.e. Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Life sciences From 2000
Economics, Business, Tourism, and Linguistics From 2008

5 - What types of books don't you collect?

This is a difficult question. For physical appearance, we expect books in library store-able condition. For logistics limitations, we can accommodate the latest version of a book. For publication year, the above mentioned category is not a hard and fast rule. Books whose publication year are older than stated above are happily received if they are highly recommended by donors.

6 - Who should I contact to donate books?
Write to us at vnbookdrive@veffa.org including your location, how many books you have and we will contact you as soon as possible.

7 - Do you pick up books? Can I drop them off?
Most likely, yes. Visit our current campaign page and official partner to check the list of locations where we have representatives. Contact us for further instructions.

8 - Where do I send them if I want to ship by myself?
We currently don't have a fixed storage facility. Please send us an email at vnbookdrive@veffa.org with your location and we will find our nearest representatives for you to send your books. In case you want to send the books to us via Media Mail, please pack them in boxes of 70.0 lbs or less and scan the book data with Goodreads, LibraryThings or Worldcat (email us for more instruction). The book list you save will help tremendously if books are lost during shipping. USPS postmasters could use the list to retrieve the books and send them to final destination.

9 - Do you pay for shipping?
Yes. Please retain all your receipts, combine them to one .pdf file, send the .pdf file to vnbookdrive@veffa.org and we will reimburse the cost.

10 - Who are representatives?
Representatives represent VnBookDrive in a local area, both in Vietnam and in the US. Vietnam representatives manage public relations in Vietnam. US representative collect books from donors and help us to sort and ship books to Annual Book Day location as instructed to prepare for shipping to Vietnam. Representatives registration forms and lists of representatives are listed in each campaign page.

11 - How to become a representative?
You are also much welcomed to become our representatives to help us collect books from other donors. Please sign up here  or write to us at vnbookdrive@veffa.org.

12 - Who support you?
We work as volunteers and belong to a non-profit organization VEFFA. We get supports from Vietnam universities, government agencies, foundations and individuals. And all of those funds and donations are for shipping.

13 - Do you collect books from Vietnam?
The aim of VnBookDrive project is to drive valuable English textbooks from the US to Vietnam to improve the resources of English books for our community, especially university students and researchers. Although we really appreciate your willingness to donate your valuable books to readers who are in need, we are currently unable to receive books donated in Vietnam.

We recommend you to contact other organizations or libraries who aim to collect books in Vietnam. We believe that they will also be able to bring your valuable books to the suitable readers.

14 - Want to help us by making a financial donation?
You can donate money by checks, money orders, Paypal or credit card. Please visit our donation page for online donation. If you want to send checks or money orders please send us an email at vnbookdrive@veffa.org and we will let you know our address.

15 - Other ways to help?
Spread the words about this project by sharing the link to our activities. We appreciate all kinds of help.

16 - What is Book Hunting?
This is a new survey we started in 2014 to build a should-have (or must-have) book list based on recommendations from experts and requests from students. Based on this list, high quality books are collected or bought and shipped to Vietnam.

17 - What is Vietnam Book Drive for Kids?
VnBookDrive4Kids was founded in late 2014 as an expansion of Vietnam Book Drive project. Project aims to help young children (from 3 to 15 years old) develop their English skills by providing free, new and gently used English books to Vietnamese children who have no or little access to these materials. Please visit our website for more information.