In the long run, our vision is that engineering and science books will no more be a shortage in universities in Vietnam. Students can have access to better book resources and Vietnam Book Drive can develop more. However, right now, without your help, we are unable to make the dream come true. Any financial contribution from you, small or large, will help more books to reach students in Vietnam faster. One dollar may not be enough to buy a textbook or ship a book to Vietnam. But collectively, one thousand dollars can ship thousands of books to Vietnam.  So let’s consider a donation today, we will put your support to work right away.

You may donate to The Vietnam Book Drive Project using Paypal, credit card or your bank account using the Donate button here.

Since Vietnam Book Drive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit project, your donation may be tax-deductable. After you click this Donation button, it will process to the secured payment site and you can enter the donation amount. Although payments are processed by PayPal, you can also use a credit card.

Also, if you are a frequent customer of Amazon, you can support us by purchasing through our AmazonSmile:


You can see the List of financial donors in our current campaign. To see the list of donors in the past campaigns, please visit the corresponding pages of the campaigns.

Donate to Vietnam Book Drive for Kids

In addition to the STEMM Book Campaign, we are calling for financial contribution to run the Vietnam Book Drive for Kids project.

$12,000 is the seed funding needed for the project in 2015-2016. Your financial contribution is to cover shipping fee and library set up allowance in Vietnam.
Please click the Donation button for paypal or credit card secured transaction.

List of financial donors in our current campaign

Overview of our financial activities

We commit to transparency and efficient spending of our funds for meaningful purposes. We assure to provide every detail of financial activities to our sponsors, donors and everybody interested in our program. From 2014, we will provide an annual Financial Reports for each fiscal year. Please find them below:

2014 Financial Report

2015 Financial Report (available soon)