Book Recipients

Mai’s library – Hanoi
This project is a model of public family library. The library is placed in a household to be shared among about 600 different families in the community. This model will help make library more accessible to individual families, which are the main unit of the society. The library not only provides the collection of age-appropriate books for children but also a place for parents to get closed to each other and to share parenting experience.
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LovingBooks organization
Collaborating as our official partner, the LovingBooks organization, we has successfully brought donated English books into several public libraries, such as: Horizon International Bilingual School’s libary, Ho Chi Minh’s central for disabilities children, Da Lat’s Uoc Mo library, Lan Tranh village’s library. All of the above libraries are actively training their staffs as well as volunteers to assist children with reading English books. Loving Books as well as VnBookDrive4Kids is trying to encourage more and more reading events to reach out to as many children and their family as possible. Please go to to read more about LovingBooks story.
There is joy in their eyes with donated English books. Children are at the Horizon International Bilingual School’s libary

Children at Lan Tranh Village are happy to have English books to read.

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Tentative Schedule/Agenda for project 2015-2016
First shipment (2015-2016)

Tasks Tentative dates
Collecting books 8/2015 to 7/2016
Sorting and organizing books 8/2016
Shipping books to Vietnam 8/2016
(This process is going to take 2-3 months)
Books arriving at Vietnam 12/2016
Distributing books to different libraries 12/2016
Collecting data and evaluating the first drive 1/2017-3/ 2017