Vietnam Interlibrary Network

Vietnam Interlibrary Network (VIN)

Recently, VnBookDrive has initiated a new project and submitted the proposal to the U.S. Department of State to seek for funding (Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund). The project aims to build an interlibrary network, known as the Vietnam Interlibrary Network (V.I.N). We are calling for the collaborations from the organizations, companies, and individuals, who can support us in this project.

This project aims to develop the first interlibrary platform in Vietnam, VIN, and to educate students to engage proactively with diverse resources for learning. Unlike conventional interlibrary systems, this will be a social network allowing users to share their personal books, access library references, form study groups, engage in open courses, and network with researchers. This project is planned to be implemented from August 1, 2014 to July 30, 2015.

For more details, please see the technical description and visualization of the VIN platform here.

Our goals

As per VEF reports in 2007-2008, higher education institutions in Vietnam has been facing a serious lack of access of the wealth of learning resources. Contributing to solve that issue, initiated in 2007, VnBookDrive project has brought 13000 English textbooks from the US to Vietnam universities. Established in 2004, VEF Fellows and Scholars Association (VEFFA) has had a network of 400 researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, and Medicine (STEMM) fields. However, there has been no channel for Vietnamese students to access those textbooks and to connect with the VEFFA researchers. Hence, VIN aims to:

1)      Create an interlibrary platform that allows users to search and share learning resources, e.g. textbooks and research materials.

2)      Engage students in the VIN social network to form study groups and to consult with researchers.

3)      Educate students in effective use of online learning resources, e.g. available online open courses and learning materials, for self-study and research

Who will benefit from this project?

In the first year, VIN will target partner universities of VnBookDrive. Hence, the main beneficiaries are:

1)      Students and researchers will have a wider access to study materials and better proficiency in using the online educational resources that are already available.

2)      Returning scholars, including U.S. alumni, will benefit from the ability to form research communities and share knowledge.

After the grant period, VIN will be transfered to VnBookDrive to expand the user base.

What results do we anticipate?

1)      Developing an online platform with 3,000 registered accounts and 10,000 visitors in the first year. The website primarily functions as:

-        An initial database of 3,000 foreign STEMM textbooks from three partner universities and 1000 textbooks from individuals

-        A platform to facilitate academic activities such as online book clubs, online/offline meetings for book exchange, and research experience sharing. At least 20 videos sharing learning/research skills will be shared on VIN database.

2)      Organizing four book camps with a total of 1,000 participants in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Vinh with two major focuses:

-        Book exchange: Students and researchers are encouraged to share books to expand the database of the interlibrary

-        Workshops emphasizing the themes: “How to use online learning resources effectively” and “Independent study in the Internet Era". 100 students will be targeted for each workshop. The workshops will be video-recorded and disseminated via VIN database/ website.

1)      Partners of VnBookDrive: we are seeking partnership with the universities who have received books donated from VnBookDrive.

2)      VEFFA, the owner of the VnBookDrive Project, contributes to the enrichment of VIN books and learning materials and supplies consulting/ networking opportunities for students/ researchers in Vietnam.

3)      Vietnam Foundation, co-founded by Mr. Kien Pham, is the owner of the Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) With sponsorship from Mr. Kien Pham, VIN services will be hosted on VOER servers. VOER is a valuable resource for VIN users.

4)      11plus Philanthropy, co-founded by Ms. Sandy Hoa Dang, advises fundraising strategies for long-term operation of VIN.

5)      Newspaper, Youth Unions and Student Associations at partner universities distribute information about VIN and collaborate to organize book camps

Team members

1.       Huyen Nguyen (Fulbright 2011): Team Leader/Coordinator

Huyen Nguyen graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Master Degree in Health Policy and Management in 2013. Currently, she is working for FHi360, a Public Health NGO in Hanoi, as a Technical Officer and serves as an Ambassador of VnBookDrive Project in Vietnam. She had experience in coordinating and organizing scientific conferences when working for Pfizer Representative Office in Vietnam.

Email: Cell: 0904098060

2.       Nam Nguyen (VEF 2005): Technical Leader/Technical Team

Majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nam Nguyen finished his PhD degree in 2010 from UIUC. Currently, Nam Nguyen is a Senior DSP Engineer at Halliburton Inc. He was the Founding Member of VnBookDrive Project. His main hobby is Eating, for that he “stays hungry...”


3.       Dat Le (VEF 2009): Team Member/Technical Team

Dat Le is graduating with his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, USA in May 2014. He was a member of VEFFA Board of Representatives in 2010. He has been with VnBookDrive Project since 2010 and was the leader of the project in 2012.


4.       Nam H. Nguyen (VEF 2004): Book Camp Leader

Currently, Nam Nguyen is working as deputy manager, Department of Science & Technology, Sai Gon High Tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City. He has some experience in organizing conferences and was one of the organizers of an entrepreneurship workshop for VEF Alumni.


5.       Phuong Huynh (VEF 2009): Book Camp Team member

Graduated with master degree at University of Pennsylvania. Currently, Phuong Huynh is working as a lecturer at University of Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City.

6.       Thu Duong (VEF 2011): Team Member/Organizing and PR Team

Thu Duong is current VEF Fellow at University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is also a member of the VnBookDrive Core Team. She is enthusiastic to contribute to expand and empower community network. Thu worked three years in Laboratory of Stem cells Research and Application, University of Science, Vietnam National University before coming to the United States. Keeping a strong network with her former university in addition to a widen connection with other universities (International University - Ho Chi Minh City, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry), Thu can coordinate and enhance the participation of those universities into VIN.


7.       Trang Nguyen (VEF 2013, SUSI 2011): Team Member/PR Team

Currently, Trang Nguyen is pursuing a PhD Degree in Soil Science at Oregon University. She received the Scholarship for Student Leadership for Global Environment in 2011.


8.       Duc Nguyen (VEF 2011): Team Member

Duc Nguyen is the Executive Director of VEFFA. He is pursuing Ph.D degree in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech.


9.       Vu Nguyen: Team Member

Vu Nguyen is currently a second-year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Vu is vice-leader of VnBookDrive in 2014 Campaign.


10.   Thao Tran: Team Member/PR Team

Thao Tran is undergraduate student in Agnes Scott College, Majoring in Economics and English Literature, Thao Tran has experience in PR and Fundraising activities for VnBookDrive.

11.   Long Kap: Team Member/ PR Team: Journalist at Thanhnien News

Thanh Long Kap is a creative journalist in Thanhnien Newspaper, leading news in Vietnam. He is currently a participant of Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute for International Leadership (

At the same time, he is also an intern in Miami Herald Newspaper, Miami, Florida, US.

12.   Xuan-Ngoc Le-Vu: Team Member/PR Team

He works at Social Media Lab, John von Neumann Institute of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM). He received BS Degree in Computer Science from University of Science, VNUHCM


13.   Anh M. Pham: Team Member/ Financial Team

Anh is working as a Recruitment Consultant at Navigos Executive Search (Vietnamese Branch of En World Japan). Her expertise is in Human Resources Management.


14.   Yen Pham (Fulbright 2011): Team Member/Financial Team

Yen Pham graduated from New York University with a Master Degree in Public Policy in 2013. She has five years working experience the State Bank of Vietnam. Yen has some experience in coordinating and organizing mobile libraries in Vietnam.

Tentative speakers

1.       Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Ms Schmidt-Jones has been a private music teacher since graduating from Rice University with a Master's Degree in Music in 1985. In 2004, she also began to publish open online educational materials in the areas of music theory, ethnomusicology, and music acoustics. The strength of the positive response to the materials, from teachers and students all over the world, motivated her to continue publishing, and she currently maintains over 200 modules and courses at Connexions (http://cnx/org). It also inspired her to pursue a PhD in education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Chamapign, where she is currently working on a dissertation focused on understanding how to make online resources more useful for independent learners.

2.       Liem Phan

Dr. Liem Phan is doing cancer research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, USA. His research focuses include cancer biology and therapy innovation. In addition to his scientific career, Dr. Phan also participates in multiple volunteer activities to contribute to our community. He is very proud to be part of VIN, a great project that will benefit millions of Vietnamese students and science-oriented public.

A message from Dr. Liem Phan for VIN:

VIN is a great initiative that will open new doors for millions of Vietnamese students and readers to a large number of high quality scientific and technological publications. VIN will also foster the collaborations and knowledge sharing among Vietnamese scholars and academic community. I believe that the information and professional connections that participants will gain from this project will certainly be very beneficial for their success.


Project advisor

Ms. Sandy Dang

Sandy Dang is a co-founder and principal of 11plus Philanthropy, a consulting company that provides services to foundations, businesses, and nonprofits. Born in Hanoi, Sandy left Vietnam when she was ten years old. After living in rural China and Hong Kong refugee camps, Sandy resettled in the United States at the age of thirteen. Because of her personal experience, in 1998 Sandy founded and served as the executive director of Asian American LEAD, an organization that supports immigrant and refugee families through a broad array of educational and social services. On transitioning from AALEAD, she received a fellowship to attend the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program at the Harvard Kennedy School. In 2011, Sandy was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Education Foundation. She also serves on the board of the Community Advisory Board of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and the Community Advisory Council for WETA Television. In addition to her MPA, Sandy holds a BA from Duke University and a Masters in Social Work from Catholic University. She is fluent in Cantonese and Vietnamese.



Dr. Kiem Truong

Dr. Kiem Truong is a lecturer at Hanoi University of Science. He is also serving as a Secretary of Vietnam National University's Youth Union. Dr. Truong will help connect VIN with libraries and universities in Vietnam.

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