Where do the books come from?
All the donors are from the United States. Most of our books are from personal donations and public libraries in the U.S.

Where do the books go?
Each year, books will be distributed to different registered partners in Vietnam. Books from VnBookDrive will have separate shelves in these libraries and allow public access.

What types of books do we collect?
We are open to various books sources, targeting children of 3-15 years old

Who support us?
We work as volunteers and belong to 501c3 non-profit organization - VEFFA. We get supports from Vietnam families, government agencies, foundations and individuals. And all of those funds and donations are for shipping and library set-up.

Do we collect books from Vietnam?

The aim of VnBookDrive4Kids project is to drive valuable English textbooks from the US to Vietnam to improve the resources of English books for our Vietnamese children. Any help would be welcome. Please contact the closest representatives in your area. A list of our partners and representatives can be found here.

How to contact us?
Please send us an email at vnbookdrive4kids@veffa.org