2012 Campaign Overview

Other Supports 2012

VnBookDrive would like to thank all the individuals below for two projects in 2012.VEF and VEFFA sides - Dr. Phuong NguyenVEF Country Director for introducing VnBookDrive/VEFFA with Vietnamese universities

- Dr. Nguyen Nam, cohort 2005, VEF alumnus, UIUC, as the advisor of VnBookDrive campaign 2012

- Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, cohort 2004, VEF alumnus, Turfs University, for supporting regarding to finance with Vietnamese universities.

- Dr. Le Bao Trung, cohort 2006, University of Minnesota, for working with VnBookDrive in the project with Water Resources University.

- VEFFA Executives, and all VEF fellows, who were helping VnBookDrive activities at the Annual Conference 2013 at Florida State University

Vietnamese University side

- Ms. Trinh Minh Huyen, Vice Rector of Ton Duc Thang University for supporting VnBookDrive

- Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien, Ton Duc Thang University as the contacting person between VEFFA and Ton Duc Thang University