Campaign 2015


By becoming a local representative, you join the team that drives this project. The energy you put in this project will decide how far this project can go and make impacts. Below are some guidelines to help us work together as a team.

  1. Every year, we launch couples of campaigns to call for book donations. Please join the effort to bring the campaign to your campus! Distribute the campaign posters and send out "call for donations" emails.
  2. You will receive all emails from potential book contributors via team mailing list. Based on the email addresses, you may be the person to initiate contacting them. Please go ahead and do so. Make sure to shoot back a message to group list that you will take care of that donation.
  3. Please use Goodreads or Worldcat to input data of the books you collected following this guideline.
  4. You should store all collected books until about one month before Annual Book Day. We announce the specific date when you can start shipping your books to us.
  5. To send your books, you should pack them in Uhaul small boxes and bring them to your nearest USPS office then select the Media Mail class. Please use the mailing tapes, DO NOT USE tapes with metal fabrics to seal your packages as USPS won't accept them.
  6. Keep all receipts as we will reimburse you for all the related expenses.
  7. That's all. Let's work together and do something small but meaningful!

Please click here for more details.