2012 Campaign Overview

Books/Materials Donated 2012

Campaign with Water Resources University, Hanoi

Journal Article Collections
 Journal of Environmental Engineering  Vol. 109: 1983 to Vol. 137: 2011
 Journal of Fluid Mechanics  Vol. 4: 1958 to Vol. 641: 2009
 Journal of Geophysical Research  Vol. 64: 1959 to Vol. 71: 1966
 Journal of Hydraulic Engineering  Vol. 109: 1983 to Vol. 137: 2011
 Journal of Hydrologic Engineering  Vol. 3: 1998 to Vol. 16: 2011
 Journal of Waterway Port Coastal and Ocean Engineering  Vol. 109: 1983 to Vol. 137: 2011
 Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering  Vol. 109: 1983
 Journal of the Water Resources Planning and Management Division  Vol. 109: 1983 to vol. 109: 1983
 Water Resources Research  vol. 1: 1965 to vol. 44: 2008
 Journal of Engineering Mechanics  vol 109: 1983 to vol 134: 2008
 Journal of Hydraulic Research  vol. 35: 1997 to vol 46: 2008


Campaign with Ton Duc Thang University, Hochiminh city

A part of the book list is below, including Title, Author, and Price if available.


 Book Title & Authors & Price
100 Case Studies in Pathophysiology (Bruyere, Harold J.)-21.89USD
120 Diseases: The Essential Guide to More Than 120 Medical Conditions, Syndromes and Diseases (Abrahams, Peter)-USD
A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (Young, Donald F.)-USD
A Course in Financial Calculus (Etheridge, Alison)-128USD
A Guide to Programming in C++ (Presley, Bruce)-50.95USD
A Guide to SQL Standard (4th Edition) (Date, C. J.)-39.95USD
A History of Psychology: Main Currents in Psychological (6th Edition) (Leahey, Thomas H.)-174.2USD
A Practical Guide ()-USD
A Practical Guide to Mini computer Applications (Fred F. Coury, Editor)-USD
A Practical Guide to Miniccomputer Applications (Fred F. Coury, Editor)-USD
A Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity (Dover Books on Engineering) (Love, A. E. H.)-18.51USD
Ad Hoc Networking (Perkins, Charles E.)-USD
Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Zill, Dennis G.)-226.61USD
Algorithms and Complexity. New Directions and Recent Results ()-USD
Alternatives for Ground Water Cleanup (Altern, Committee on Ground Water Cleanup)-USD
AMPL: A modeling language for mathematical programming (Scientific Press series) (Fourer, Robert)-USD
An Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy: Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Radiography, Gross Anatomy (Kieffer, Stephen A.)-USD
An Introduction to Analysis (International Series in Mathematics) (Bilodeau, Gerald G.)-35USD
An Introduction to Database Systems (Date, C. J.)-USD
Analog and Digital Signal Processing (Ambardar, Ashok)-179.73USD
Analysis and Design of Planar Microwave Components (Gupta, K. C.)-74.95USD
Analytical Chemistry ()-USD
Anatomy and Physiology (Seeley, Rod R.)-USD
Antibiotic Resistance: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Medicine) (Methods in Molecular Biology) ()-32.37USD
Apex AP Calculus AB (Apex Learning) (Learning, Apex)-USD
Appleton & Lange Review for the USMLE Step 1 (King, Michael W.)-USD
Appleton & Lange Review of Pediatrics (Appleton & Lange Review Book Series) (Viessman, Sara)-USD
Appleton & Lange Review of Surgery (Wapnick, Simon)-USD
Applications of Kalman filter to hydrology, hydraulics, and water resourses (Chao-Lin Chiu)-USD
Applied Introductory Circuit Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers (Reed, Michael)-USD
Applied Operating System Concepts, Windows XP Update (Silberschatz, Abraham)-USD
Asian Philosophies (4th Edition) (Koller, John M.)-19.75USD
Atkins' Physical Chemistry (Atkins, Peter & Julio de Paula.)-23USD
Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy, Anne M)-57.62USD
Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy, 1e (Moses, Kenneth)-16.99USD
Auditing and Assurance Services: A Systematic Approach (Messier, William F)-USD
Automatic Control Systems (Kuo, Benjamin C.)-USD
Automatic Control Systems (Kuo, Benjamin C.)-7.55USD
Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry (John D. Roberts, Marjorie C. Caserio)-USD
Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry (John D. Roberts, Marjorie C. Caserio)-USD
Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers (Frost, S.E.)-9.83USD
Behavioral Endocrinology, Second Edition ()-39.15USD
Biochemical Calculations: How to Solve Mathematical Problems in General Biochemistry, 2nd Edition (Segel, Irwin H.)-9.13USD
Biochemistry (Voet, Donald)-USD
Biochemistry (Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Series) (Champe, Pamela C.)-USD
Biochemistry (Saunders Golden Sunburst Series) (Garrett, Reginald H.)-USD
Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation (Edited by John M. Osepchuk)-USD
Biological Psychology (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac) (Kalat, James W.)-USD
Biological Science (With CD-ROM) (Freeman, Scott)-USD
Biological Science: Cell/Genetics (Volume 1) (Freeman, Scott)-USD
Biological Thermodynamics (Haynie, Donald T.)-USD
Biology (5th Edition) (Campbell, Neil A.)-USD
Biology of Microorganisms (Brock, Thomas D.)-USD
Biology, 6th Edition (Campbell, Neil A.)-9.99USD
Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology (Blueprints Series) (Caughey, Aaron B.)-USD
Brain Builders!: A Lifelong Guide to Sharper Thinking, Better Memory, and an Ageproof Mind (Leviton, Richard)-USD
Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy (Churchland, Patricia Smith)-29.64USD
BRS Gross Anatomy (Board Review Series) (Chung, Harold M)-USD
BRS Pediatrics (Board Review Series) (Brown, Lloyd J.)-23USD
Building & Managing Virtual Private Networks (Kosiur, Dave)-USD
C and the 8051 (Schultz, Thomas W.)-17.05USD
C for Java Programmers (Muldner, Tomasz)-75.15USD
C How to Program Introducing C++ and Java (Deitel, Harvey M.)-USD
C: The Complete Reference (Schildt, Herbert)-USD
Calculus and Analytic Geometry - Student's Solutions Manual, Part 2 (Jr., George B. Thomas)-USD
Calculus and Analytic Geometry (9th Edition) (Thomas, George B.)-USD
Calculus, 6th Edition (Stewart's Calculus Series) (Stewart, James)-237.73USD
Calculus, Early Transcendentals (Stewart, James)-6USD
Calculus: Single and Multivariable (Hughes-Hallett, Deborah)-241.25USD
Campell's Operative Orthopaedics, Volume two, Sixth Edition (Edmonson. Crenshaw, Editors)-USD
Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology (Devita, Vincent T.)-USD
Case Files Pediatrics (Case Files (Lange)) (Toy, Eugene C.)-USD
Case Files: Internal Medicine (Toy, Eugene C.)-USD
Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Updated Edition (Book + Student Consult + Evolve (Abbas, Abul K.)-USD
Chemical Principles (Zumdahl, Steven S.)-USD
Chemistry (McMurry, John)-USD
Chemistry (Topich, Joseph)-5.23USD
Chemistry (2nd Edition) (McMurry, John)-USD
Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity (Kotz, John C.)-USD
Chemistry The Practical Science- Study Guide to Accompany (Adams, Gretchen M.)-5.8USD
Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (Tro, Nivaldo J.)-14.82USD
Chronicle of the World (Chronicles) ()-USD
Circuits: Engineering Concepts and Analysis of Linear Electric Circuits (Carlson, A. Bruce)-USD
Classical Mechanics (Taylor, John R.)-73.01USD
Clemente's Anatomy Dissector (PhD, Carmine D. Clemente)-45.78USD
Clinical Anatomy by Systems (Snell, Richard S.)-69.04USD
Clinical Oncology (Book with CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh) ()-USD
Clinical Trials of Genetic Therapy with Antisense DNA and DNA Vectors ()-269.95USD
CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis & Design (Kang, Sung-Mo)-USD
Cognition: Theory and Applications (with Study Guide and InfoTrac) (Reed, Stephen K.)-USD
Compound Semiconductor Transistors: Physics and Technology ()-14.99USD
Comprehensive Dermatologic Drug Therapy, 1e (MD, Stephen E. Wolverton)-7.7USD
Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, Second Edition (Hennessy, John L.)-USD
Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials (II, Warren G. Kruse)-29.51USD
Computer Networks, Third Edition: A Systems Approach, 3rd Edition (Peterson, Larry L.)-USD
Concepts of Genetics (6th Edition) (Klug, William S.)-USD
Concepts of Genetics (8th Edition) (Klug, William S.)-USD
Concise Review of Veterinary Microbiology (Quinn, P. J.)-46.75USD
Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction (Kymlicka, Will)-47.08USD
Control Engineering (2nd Edition) (Bolton, W.)-39.75USD
Core Concepts in Advanced Practice Nursing, 1e (WHNP, Cheryl Pope Kish EdD RNC)-USD
Corporate Computer and Network Security (Panko, Raymond)-USD
Corporate Finance 9th Edition (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) (Ross, Stephen)-68.4USD
Corporate Finance, 8th Edition (Ross, Stephen)-22.84USD
Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice (Baumann, Leslie)-30USD
Cranial and Spinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A N Atlas and Guide (Daniels, David L.)-5.59USD
Cultural Conversations: The Presence of the Past (Woolf, Virginia)-53.7USD
Data Mining: A Tutorial Based Primer (Roiger, Richard)-62.25USD
Database Systems Using Oracle: A Simplified Guide to SQL and PL/SQL (Shah, Nilesh D.)-USD
Database Tuning: A Principled Approach (Shasha, Dennis Elliott)-USD
Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems (Agans, David J.)-USD
Definitions: Encyclopedic Dictionary, Nursing Terms, Drug Names and Interactions, Anatomical Atlas ()-USD
Demography : The Study of Human Population (Yaukey, David)-USD
Dermatology (2 Volume Set) (MD, Jean L. Bolognia)-179.99USD
Design of Analog Filters (Schaumann, Rolf)-46.99USD
Designing and Writing Online Documentation: Hypermedia for Self- Supporting Products, 2nd Edition (Horton, William)-USD
Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (4th Edition) (Shneiderman, Ben)-USD
Developments in School Mathematics Education Around the World:Proceedings of the Fourth Ucsmp International Conference on Mathematics Education August 5-7, 1998 ()-13.46USD
Differential Equations of Hydraulic Transients, Dispersion and Ground Water Flow (Li, Wen-Hsiung)-20.96USD
Digital Certificates: Applied Internet Security (Feghhi, Jalal)-35.45USD
Digital Design (Mano, M. Morris)-21USD
Digital Designing with Programmable Logic Devices (Carter, John W.)-77USD
Digital Integrated Circuits (DeMassa, Thomas A.)-161.36USD
Digital Mos Integrated Circuits II: With Applications to Processors and Memory Design ()-99.95USD
Digital Signal Processing (Peled, Abraham)-36.35USD
Digital Signal Processing (Cavicchi, Thomas J.)-195USD
Digital Signal Processing (University of Illinois)-USD
Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo (Galilei, Galileo)-9.1USD
Distributed Computing: Concepts and Implementations (IEEE Press selected reprint series) (McEntire, Paul L.)-80.3USD
Dorland Illustrated Medical Dictionary. (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary) (Dorland, Newman W.)-USD
Dulcan's Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Dulcan, Mina K.)-203.74USD
E-Business Technology Forecast ()-USD
ECE444 Course Information (Dane Sievers UIUC ECE444: Theory and fabrication of integrated circuits)-USD
Eckert Animal Physiology (Randall, David)-15.98USD
Ecology (Ricklefs, Robert E.)-29.78USD
Ecology: The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance, Package (Krebs, Charles J.)-USD
Economic Development (Higgins, Benjamin)-USD
Efficient Parallel Algorithms (Gibbons, Alan)-62.5USD
Electric Circuits (Bogart, Theodore F)-12USD
Electric Motor Drives: Modeling, Analysis, and Control (Krishnan, R.)-98.2USD
Electrical Engineering Uncovered (White, Richard M.)-USD
Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (2nd Edition) (Hambley, Allan R.)-USD
Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (4th Edition) (Hambley, Allan R.)-25USD
Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (5th Edition) (Hambley, Allan R.)-48.33USD
Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design (Neamen, Donald A.)-USD
Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design (Donald A.Neamen)-USD
Electronic Circuits (Schaum's Outline Series) (Lowenberg, Edwin C.)-6.31USD
Electronic Commerce  (Prof. Levent V.Orman)-USD
Electronic Communication Systems: A Complete Course (Schweber, William)-9.42USD
Electronic Communications for Technicians (Wheeler, Tom)-21.99USD
Electronics Lab Manual (Feldman, Martin)-35.99USD
Elementary Algebra for College Students (Angel, Allen R.)-USD
Elementary Fluid Mechanics (Vennard, John K.)-USD
Elementary Number Theory (Strayer, James K.)-61.77USD
Encyclopedia of Family Health & First Aid (Kerwin-Nye, Anita)-13.99USD
Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Roberson, John A.)-USD
Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Mironer, Alan)-USD
Engineering Fluid Mechanics 4e Sm Roberson ()-9.95USD
Engineering Fluid Mechanics 6e Sol (Robertson, JA)-79.36USD
Engineering Hydrology: Principles and Practices (Ponce, Victor Miguel)-92.89USD
Essential Clinical Anatomy (FAAA, Keith L. Moore MSc PhD FIAC FRSM)-USD
Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications (Stahl, Stephen M.)-USD
Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Jr., David V. Kerns)-41.77USD
Essentials of Management Information Systems (4th Edition) (Laudon, Jane P.)-USD
Essentials of Veterinary Microbiology (Carter, G. R.)-USD
estuary and coastline of hydrodynamics (Arthur T. Ippen)-USD
Evolutionary Analysis (Herron, Jon C. Freeman Scott and)-37.49USD
Experimental Organic Chemistry: Molecules 3e/SM (Mohrig, Jerry R.)-USD
Experiments in Fluid Mechanics (Granger, Robert A.)-33.62USD
Exploring Chemical Analysis (Harris, Daniel C.)-USD
Fast Track Visual C++(r) 6.0 Programming (Ph.D., Steve Holzner)-USD
Feedback Control Systems (Phillips, Charles L.)-USD
Field Computation by Moment Methods (IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory) (Harrington, Roger F.)-146.51USD
Fields Virology (2-Volume Set) ()-44.68USD
Financial Accounting (Libby, Robert)-USD
First Aid for the USMLE Step 1: 2006 (Bhushan, Vikas)-USD
Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine (2 Volume Set) (Vol 1 & 2) (Freedberg, Irwin M.)-37.5USD
Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine, Vol. 2 ()-30.59USD
Fluid Dynamics (Schaum's Outline) (Hughes, William F.)-USD
Fluid Mechanis (Theodore Allen Jr., Richard L. Ditsworth)-USD
Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics (Dover Books on Mathematics) (Eves, Howard)-11.64USD
Foundations of Electric Circuits (Cogdell, J.R.)-66.56USD
Foundations of Electric Power (Cogdell, J.R.)-73.41USD
Foundations of Electronics (Cogdell, J.R.)-74.52USD
Fourteenth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy ()-589USD
Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry (Lemke, Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry) ()-54.75USD
Frequency Stability: Fundamentals and Measurement ()-14USD
From Neuron to Brain: A Cellular and Molecular Approach to the Function of the Nervous System (Nicholls, John G.)-11.09USD
Fundamentals of Biostatistics (Rosner, Bernard A.)-66.25USD
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (Rizzoni, Giorgio)-85.66USD
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (Non-InfoTrac Version) (McMurry, John)-USD
Fundamentals of Physical science (Konrad Krauscapf)-USD
Fundamentals of Physics, (Chapters 21- 44) (Volume 2) (Halliday, David)-13.4USD
Fuzzy Models for Pattern Recognition: Methods That Search for Structures in Data (Bezdek, James C.)-33.49USD
General Chemistry (Russell, John B.)-60USD
Genes VII (Lewin, Benjamin)-USD
Genetics in Oncology Practice: Cancer Risk Assessment (Jenkins, J.)-68USD
Gram-Positive Pathogens with CDROM (Portnoy, Daniel A.)-6.48USD
Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 10th Edition (Agur, Anne M. R.)-USD
Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 11th Edition ()-6.44USD
Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 13th Edition (Agur, Anne M. R.)-36.4USD
Grant's Dissector (Tank, Grant's Dissector) (Tank, Patrick W.)-USD
Gross Anatomy in the Practice of Medicine (J., Ph.D. Slaby Frank)-USD
Ground Water Models: Scientific and Regulatory Applications (Council, National Research)-6.69USD
Groundwater Models for Resources Analysis and Management (El-Kadi, Aly I.)-94.95USD
Handbook of chemistry and physics ()-USD
Handbook of Electrical Heating for Industry (Erickson, C. James)-268.75USD
Harper Collins-Robert French Unabridged Dictionary (French Edition) (Atkins, Beryl T.)-24.09USD
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Self-Assessment and Board Review (Wiener, Charles)-20.99USD
Heat Transfer (Gebhart, B.)-5.16USD
High Tech Start Up, Revised and Updated:The Complete Handbook For Creating Successful New High Tech Companies (Nesheim, John L.)-35USD
High-Yield Behavioral Science (Fadem, Barbara)-USD
High-Yield Embryology (PhD, Ronald W. Dudek)-USD
High-Yield Surgery (Nirula, R.)-USD
High-Yield™ Neuroanatomy (High-Yield Series) (Fix, James D.)-USD
High-Yield™ Pharmacology (High-Yield Series) (Christ, Daryl)-6.25USD
How the Mind Works (Pinker, Steven)-USD
How to solve general chemistry problem (Sorum)-USD
Human Anatomy & Physiology (5th Edition) (Marieb, Elaine Nicpon)-13.09USD
Human Anatomy, Color Atlas and Textbook: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 5e (Gosling, John A.)-82.12USD
Human Form, Human Function: Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology (McConnell, Thomas H.)-43.21USD
Human Molecular Genetics, Third Edition (Strachan, Tom)-128USD
Illustrating Computer Documentation: The Art of Presenting Information Graphically on Paper and Online (Horton, William)-USD
Implementing Configuration Management: Hardware, Software, and Firmware (Buckley, Fletcher J.)-USD
Improving Efficiency and Reliability in Water Distribution Systems (Water Science and Technology Library) ()-227.18USD
Information Security Intelligence: Cryptographic Principles & Applications (Calabrese, Thomas)-88.96USD
Inorganic Chemistry (Shriver, Duward)-34USD
Instructing Students Who Have Literacy Problems (4th Edition) (McCormick, Sandra)-USD
Instructional Course Lectures (The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons)-USD
Introduction to Abstract Algebra (Nicholson, W. Keith)-127.9USD
Introduction to applied mathematics (Francis D.Murnaghan)-USD
Introduction to Digital Circuits (Bogart, Theodore F.)-USD
Introduction to Electric Circuits (Dorf, Richard C.)-USD
Introduction to Electrical Engineering: Book and CD-ROM (Sarma, Mulukutla S.)-141.49USD
Introduction to Electrodynamics (3rd Edition) (Griffiths, David J.)-25USD
Introduction to Electronic Circuit Design (Spencer, Richard)-166.47USD
Introduction to Electronic Devices (Shur, Michael S.)-160.03USD
Introduction to Hydrology (5th Edition) (Jr., Warren Viessman)-73.36USD
Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Electronic Science) (Grinich, Victor H.)-USD
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) (Griffiths, David J.)-56.99USD
Introduction to Signals and Systems (Lindner, Douglas K.)-5.6USD
Introduction to Sociology (Tischler, Henry L.)-57USD
Introduction to Sociology (Instructor's Edition) (Tischler, Henry L)-USD
Introduction to SQL: Mastering the Structured Query Language (3rd Edition) (Lans, Rick Van Der)-12USD
Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting (Brockwell, Peter J.)-80.22USD
Introduction to Veterinary Bacteriology (Scanlan, Charles M.)-32.25USD
Investments: 5th Edition (Reilly, Frank K.)-USD
Journal of Health and social behavior ()-USD
Last's Anatomy: Regional and Applied, 11e (MRCS Study Guides) (FRCS, Chummy S. Sinnatamby)-67.43USD
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Third Edition (Nelson, David L.)-USD
Life: The Science of Biology, 7th Edition (Purves, William K.)-164.2USD
Linear Algebra and Its Applications: Study Guide (update) (Lay, Davic C.)-USD
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Atlas of Anatomy (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)) (Tank, Patrick W.)-48.59USD
Liver Disease in Children (Suchy, Frederick J.)-USD
Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals (Mano, M. Morris)-USD
Manual of Field Hydrogeology, A (Sanders, Laura L.)-72.95USD
Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Todays Top Traders (Wiley Trading) (Hamzei, Fari)-50.28USD
Mathematical Primer on Groundwater Flow, A:An Introduction to the Mathematical and Physical Concepts of Saturated Flow in the Subsurface (Hermance, John F.)-41USD
Mathematics 103/104/114/115 Calculus/maple Lab Manual (University of Pennsylvania mathematics)-USD
Mathematics of Physics and Modern Engineering (Sokolnikoff, Ivar Stephen)-23.94USD
Matlab and Simulink. Student Version ()-42.3USD
Matter, Energy, and Life (Jeffrey J. W. Baker. Garland E. Allen)-USD
Mechanics of Materials with Tutorial CD (Beer, Ferdinand P.)-9.95USD
Medical Microbiology ()-USD
Medical Microbiology, 4e (PhD, George S. Kobayashi)-USD
Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings: Getting Things Done When People Are Involved (Ramo, Simon)-USD
Methods of Applied Mathematics (Dover Books on Mathematics) (Hildebrand, Francis B.)-10.64USD
Methods of Discrete Signal and System Analysis (Mcgraw Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) (Jong, M. T.)-USD
Microbeam Analysis  (Phillip E. Russel, Editor)-USD
Microbiology (Prescott, Lansing M.)-USD
Microbiology: A Human Perspective w/ARIS bind in card (Nester, Eugene W)-USD
Microcomputer Applications in Statistical Hydrology/Book and Disks (McCuen, Richard H.)-USD
Microelectronic Circuits (Oxford Series in Electrical Engineering) (Sedra, Adel S.)-USD
Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life (Johnson, Steven)-USD
Mobile Agents and Security (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) ()-49USD
Modern Chemistry, 1986 (Metcalfe)-USD
Modern Compiler Implementation in Java (Appel, Andrew W.)-75.93USD
Modern Control Engineering (Ogata, Katsuhiko)-13.82USD
Modern Control Systems (Electrical Engineering) (Dorf, Richard C.)-USD
Modern Data Warehousing, Mining, and Visualization: Core Concepts (Marakas, George M.)-87.5USD
Modern Operating Systems (2nd Edition) (GOAL Series) (Tanenbaum, Andrew S.)-13.13USD
Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Available 2010 Titles Enhanced Web Assign) (Thornton, Stephen T.)-54.81USD
Molecular and Cellular Biology (Wolfe, Stephen L.)-205.75USD
Molecular Biology of the Cell 3E (Alberts, Bruce)-USD
Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fourth Edition (Alberts, Bruce)-31.69USD
Multilayered Aquifier Systems: Fundamentals and Applications (Cheng, Alexander H.D.)-219.95USD
Multimedia Introduction to Programming Using Java (Gries, David)-61.32USD
Multiple Access Communications: Foundations for Emerging Technologies ()-79.95USD
Neuro-Vision Systems: Principles and Applications (Gupta, Madan M.)-10.4USD
Neuroethics: Mapping the Field ()-10.95USD
Neurology Recall (Recall Series) (Miller, James Q.)-41.86USD
Neuroscience and the Law (Garland, Brent)-8.05USD
Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain (Bear, Mark F.)-37.95USD
Ninth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy ()-USD
NMS Surgery (Book with CD-ROM 1.0 for Windows) (Jarrell, Bruce E.)-USD
NMS Surgery Casebook (National Medical Series for Independent Study) (Jarrell, Bruce)-15USD
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics in Cancer