Campaign 2015

Annual Book Day 2015

We are thrilled to announced that over 1,600 books have been shipped to Duy Tan University (Da Nang) and RUBIC cooperative (Hanoi) from Austin, Texas on August 10, 2015.


Thanks to our US Representatives, books were initially sorted before sending to Annual Book Day (ABD). You helped us improve the quality of books, save shipping cost and time!!!


Unsorted books were processed at ABD with great help from our volunteers. Books seemed to be more interesting than bánh mì. Everybody kept packing box to box no matter how savory the lunch was.


We finally took lunch break. ABD, as usual, is always friendly and fun.


#VnBookDrive2015 was featured in Vòng tay nước Mỹ 3 by the Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in the United States (AVSPUS). Thanks a ton to the Philanthropy Committee for their great cooperation and our in-kind donors to raise fund for our Vietnam Book Drive for Kids. We raised $2,128 during the event with raffle and auction.


We couldn’t make it without your sharing our event, coming to help and sponsoring it.


We are welcoming new collaborators for 2016. Please register here.

Photo credit: Vu Nguyen, Thu Duong, Tho Tran and Vòng tay nước Mỹ 3 team