Campaign 2015

2015 Book Contributors

We are thankful to the following book donors and representatives for Campaign 2015:

Donors Institution Quantity Collected by
Prof. Thomas H. Cormen
Prof. Devin Balkcom
Prof. Robert Drysdale
Dartmouth 74 Du Tran
Anonymous UC San Diego 13 Tu Nguyen
Book Day at TAMUCC Library TAMU Corpus Christi 289 TAMUCC VSA
Erin Abel
Professors and Students
U of Arizona 81 Hao Vo
Anonymous Penn State 244 Quang Trieu
Tiep Vu
Tara Van Toai UMD College Park 27 Huong Vu
Dr. Say Kee Ong
Uyen Tran
Yuki Kojima
College of Business
Dept. of Mathematics
Steven Ways
Iowa State 105 Huong Nguyen
Hien Ta
Tung Hoang
Ngoc Nguyen
Anonymous UC Davis 20 Oanh Pham
Duong Christie NY 250 Anh Hoang
Linh Le
Anonymous UT Austin 80 Quan Nguyen
Tuan Ngo
Cuong Ngo
Dr. Anne Conn UC San Diego 81 Tan Trinh *
Prof. Mitch...
Kelly Daniels
Raymond M
UPenn 20 Thu Duong
Professors and Students Mizzou 57 Minh Uong
Dept. of Child Health Mizzou 91 Hai Nguyen, for RUBIC
Professors and Students University of Wisconsin-Madison 30 Tuan Tran
Professors and Students
Andy Stamp
John Hopkins 80 Tham Le
Huong Le and Robert Thousand Oaks, CA 60 Minh Tran
Professors and Students UT Houston 15 Hiep Khong
Professors and Students U of Minnesota 30 Vu Nguyen
Anonymous DC NA Ly Huynh

* Books did not reach Campaign 2015 Annual Book Day on time due to logistics problem. Those books will be saved for 2016 Campaign