Danh sách các bài poster đã nhận được:

STT Tiêu đề poster Tác giả Trường
1 Nanoscale Integrated Technologies and Systems Giang D. Nguyen UIUC
2 Signal Processing for MEMs Sensor Array Nam Nguyen UIUC
3 Nutrigenomics and Immunonutrition Tung M. Che UIUC
4 Corrosion Science and Engineering Hung Ha Case Western Reserve University
5 Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Biomedical Applications Anh Van UIUC
6 Biofuels Research Thu Vuong Cornell University
7 Photoelectrocatalysts for Solar Hydrogen Production from Water Splitting Son Hoang University of Texas at Austin
8 HANK Virtual Environments Lab Dat Nguyen University of Iowa
9 Waves - Wireless and Video Communication Lab Chinh T. Dang Michigan State University
10 Innovative Technology in Environmental Technology: High Quality Water for Everyone Anh Nguyen University of Massachusetts at Amherst
11 Technologies for Soil and Environmental Quality Assessment Chung T. Nguyen University of Florida
12 The Bamboo Project - A Collaboration for Very Large-Scale Simulations Tan Nguyen UCSD
13 General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory Truong X. Nghiem University of Pennsylvania
14 Nanotechnology - Micro Device - Bio Materials Linh T. Le Stevens Institute of Technology
15 High-Throughput Experimentation Laboratory for Organic Synthesis Trung Cao University of Pennsylvania
16 Systems Biology on Pseudomonas Syringae - A Plant Pathogen Model Hanh Lam Cornell University
17 Vo-Dinh Research Group - At the Frontier of NanoBioTechnology Hoan Ngo Duke University
18 School of Packaging Laboratory System, Michigan State University Tuan Nguyen Michigan State University
19 The Soybean Genetics and Development Laboratory at the University of Georgia Tung Anh Pham University of Georgia
20 Offshore Geohazards and Geotechnical Engineering Hoang Q. Nguyen University of Massachusetts at Amhert
21 Cancer Biology and Molecular Signaling Research & Cancer Therapy Innovation Liem Phan The University of Texas at Houston
22 Solar Energy Industry Dung Nguyen Northeastern University
23 Next Generation Sequencing Cuong K. Nguyen  
24 Post-harvest Pomology Laboratory Ngoc Nham University of California, Davis
25 Computer Vision Lab @ University of Southern California Thang Dinh University of Southern California
26 Legume-Microbe Interactions Laboratory Tran Nguyen University of Missouri
27 Structural Research Laboratory Hung Viet Tran University of Washington
28 Biosystems Research Khanh Van Nguyen Clemson University
29 Illinois System Security Lab Anh M. Nguyen UIUC