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The Vietnam Education Foundation Fellows Association (VEFFA) is an organization established and run by those who received or are receiving a fellowship from the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF). VEF is an initiative of the U.S. government to strengthen the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship through educational exchanges in science and technology.

VEFFA is a non-profit professional organization devoted to the professional development of VEF fellows through proactive participation in the promotion of the cooperation between Vietnam and the United States in education, science, and technology. Specifically, the VEFFA aims to provide support for the fellows in realizing their highest professional potential and to contribute to building strong science and engineering communities in Vietnam who can promote the development of Vietnam and maintain scientific cooperation with the U.S.

By coordinating members’ efforts and mobilizing necessary resources for the efforts, VEFFA encourages and supports its members’ activities so that they can effectively achieve personal and professional objectives and best utilizing their potentials.